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"Most of all, I value the trust that we have with our son's service coordinator and associates. The people do not change, and it is very important to me to have trust and honesty. PDS continues to do a marvelous job caring for my child.”

"I like my staff, they treat me with respect." –Individual

"PDS has given me the opportunity to gain a greater sense of independence"

"I would like to thank PDS in allowing me to become more self-sufficent"

"Thank you to the staff of PDS for your dedication and commitment to helping those with developmental disabilities accomplish their goals and lead their lives with dignity." –Educator

"I'm able to advocate and get the service I need with respect from my team." –Individual

"I know that when I refer a young adult to PDS for services, I can count on PDS to give that young adult the personal attention, care, and commitment he or she deserves." -Educator

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Thank you for your interest in Program Development Services.
To contact a member of our staff,
please call the main office: 

6916 New Utrecht Avenue
Brooklyn, New York 11228
Phone: (718) 256-2212
Fax: (718) 259-7433
Email: office@4pds.org 

To contact a specific member of staff via email, please check our Staff Directory.

For inquiries about job openings, please visit our Employment section.

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