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"Most of all, I value the trust that we have with our son's service coordinator and associates. The people do not change, and it is very important to me to have trust and honesty. PDS continues to do a marvelous job caring for my child.”

"I like my staff, they treat me with respect." –Individual

"PDS has given me the opportunity to gain a greater sense of independence"

"I would like to thank PDS in allowing me to become more self-sufficent"

"Thank you to the staff of PDS for your dedication and commitment to helping those with developmental disabilities accomplish their goals and lead their lives with dignity." –Educator

"I'm able to advocate and get the service I need with respect from my team." –Individual

"I know that when I refer a young adult to PDS for services, I can count on PDS to give that young adult the personal attention, care, and commitment he or she deserves." -Educator

Direct Care Staff

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Direct Care Staff

At Program Development Services, we are proud of our highly-trained, hard working and experienced staff. Program Development Services employs well-over 300 staff, a third of which have been with us for 10 years or more. Many of our long-term staff have been promoted into supervisory and management positions within our agency.

Shirley Samuels is an example of one of our finest staff. Ms. Samuels has been with PDS for well over 15 years and she currently works in one of our Intermediate ICF. Ms. Samuels explains that it gives her great satisfaction to see how well and quickly the individuals in the facility improved and learned how to take care of themselves. With staff training the individuals made great strides in all areas of their life.

Lynn Vairo, Executive Director

Ms. Vairo has worked in the field of intellectual and developmental disabilities since 1976. She has held numerous positions both in residential and day settings in direct service and administration.

Ms. Vairo has been with PDS since 1992, when she started in the position of Project Manager. She was promoted to Associate Executive Director in 2004 and to Chief Operating Officer in 2012.

Ms. Vairo holds an M.S. in Therapeutic Recreation, and is a Registered Nurse licensed by the State Of New York.

Richard Murray, Chief Financial Officer

Mr. Murray has over 30 years' experience providing services to the community at large. He brings a strong background and skills in finance and management to his position.

Prior to PDS, Mr. Murray was Executive Director at the Brooklyn School for Special Children, which served over 1,000 disabled individuals from infants to senior citizens; was Executive Director at a local ARC, and has also worked as a Residential Director, therapist, and direct care worker.

Mr. Murray has served on the Board of Directors of several coordinating agencies in New York State. NYSACRA (New York State Association of Community and Residential Agencies) and Siblings for Significant Change. He is also a board member for the InterAgency Council in New York City, a coordinating group with not-for-profit agencies serving disabled children, adults, and their families.

Mr. Murray served in the United States Army receiving an honorable discharge in Dec 1971. Mr. Murray holds a BA in Economics from Brooklyn College, CCNY, and an MA in Therapeutic Recreation from Lehman College.

Mary Pyle, Director Of Consumer Support

Ms. Pyle has a B.A. in liberal arts from Edinboro University, PA. She is a Licensed Master Social Worker, having received an MSW degree from Fordham University. Ms. Pyle was also an adjunct professor at Rutgers for MSW students and a field instructor for Fordham and Yeshiva MSW students.

Ms. Pyle has worked in the child welfare field, with battered women, in psychiatric child treatment, and adoptions. She started to work for PDS full time in 1985 as Director of Social Services, and now holds the position of Director of Consumer Support, heading up a large department that is in charge of MSC, Intake and Benefits.

Dorinda Derbyshire, Assistant Executive Director

Ms. Derbyshire has an Associate’s Degree in Child Care and a Bachelor's in Psychology. She has worked in the human service field for over 30 years, including South Beach Psychiatric Center's Adolescent In-Patient Unit and an Adult Quarter-Way House. In addition, she has much experience with the developmentally disabled in residential and community based programs.

Ms. Derbyshire began at PDS in October of 1990 and has worked in all aspects of the residential program, including stints as program specialist, residential coordinator, and residential director. She now holds the position of Assistant Executive Director.

Celane Brown, Director of Program Operations

Ms. Brown has been a longtime worker in the field of Developmental Disabilities since her days in high school where she worked at Richmond Children’s Center in Yonkers, NY. Since then, Ms. Brown has held several managerial positions in various residential settings.

In 1995, Ms. Brown joined PDS as a Site Director and has subsequently held several management positions within the organization as Program Coordinator, Assistant Program Director, and  Residential Director. She currently serves as the Director of Program Operations for several Intermediate Care Facilities (ICF) and Individualized Residential Alternatives (IRA) at PDS locations in Brooklyn and Manhattan.

Regina Abell, Controller

Ms. Regina Abell has over 30 years experience working in Accounting. Regina has been with PDS since 1992, where she began her career in the position of Assistant Bookkeeper, was promoted to Head Bookkeeper in 1995, then advanced to Office Manager in 2010. As of 2012, Ms. Abell is the Controller.

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